Solar Gutter Lights White Light
Solar Gutter Fence Light Display
Solar Security Lights for Gutter/Wall/Fence
Solar Fence Lights For Garden
Solar Powered Gutter Yard Light
Motion Sensor Solar Security Light
Light Sensor Solar Security Light
12 Super Bright LED Chips
With 12 super bright LED chips
Black Shell Solar Motion Sensor Gutter Light
White Shell Solar Motion Sensor Gutter Light
Black Shell Solar Light Sensor Gutter Light
White Shell Solar Light Sensor Gutter Light

Solar Gutter Lights White Light

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  • Solar Gutter Lights: the latest 12 LED solar gutter lights, bright white light can illuminate the road conditions in front of the door or eaves more clearly, giving you a sense of security. Equipped with a larger solar panel and a 1.2V 1600mAh rechargeable battery, super bright, about 300 lumens, can be illuminated for a long time at night and turned off during the day.
  • Motion Sensor: 3 lighting modes, dark light mode and strong light mode (when someone approaches 5M, it will automatically brighten.
  • Light Sensor: Light control technology can ensure that the bulb is automatically charged during the day (when light is sufficient) and turned on at night (when there is insufficient light).
  • Quick And Easy Installation: no batteries, no cables, easy to install. Just use 2 wall anchors and tighten them, then screw them to the surface to complete the installation. With detachable solar panel and LED lamp body, easy to maintain.
  • Solar Power: The solar battery can be charged for 6-8 hours under standard sunlight, and the lamp can work for 8-10 hours. The built-in lithium ion battery can work for a long time after being fully charged.
  • Lightweight Design: ABS plastic, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, IP44 and durability. No pollution, energy saving and environmental protection.